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DIY: Gumball Mood Tracker

Hello everybody! It’s Wednesday again.

We are officially half way through with this week and today I am bringing you guys a super simple mood tracker.

This is the kind of mood tracker that anyone can create and use in under 5 minutes.


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This mood tracker is based off of a jar of gumballs. I have seen a few other bullet journalers create similar trackers and I thought it was very cute and simple to recreate, so I am going to show you guys how!

The very first thing that I did was create the lid of my jar. I did this by creating one oblong oval that was really stretched out and flat.

Then I created that shape over and over again, overlapping one another to create the entire lid. The last thing I did was add a straight line on each side to make the sides of the lid.

Then I created the body of the jar. This is a really easy shape that starts from the bottom corners of the lid and then swoops outwards and comes straight down. I connected the bottom of each side of the jar with a curved line to keep it looking a bit 3D. I tried to keep my edges a bit rounded cause it looks more natural.

This isn’t a difficult shape, but it is probably the trickiest part of the whole tracker, so if you think you’re going to mess it up, practice the shape a few times, you could even create a template for yourself to trace.

Then I added in some slight detailing to the jar, like the lines along the sides and the oval shape inside the jar, reflecting the bottom of the jar. I created these extra lines because it’s a glass jar, so you can see through it and see the bottom of the jar, or that the sides are thicker glass. This step is completely optional, though.

After creating the jar, I created my ‘Mood Tracker’ title. This font is really simple to recreate if you’d like to use it in your own journal. It’s basically just normal hand writing, except every time there is an end to a line,  you create a little line across it in the opposite direction. As you can see in the word ‘Mood’, I added in the extra line at the ends of each line in the M.

Then I created the color-coordinated gumballs at the bottom. I used my dual-brush markers to create my gumballs, however, I would highly suggest you use some bingo dabbers to create yours since it will create fast, easy, and colorful circles that are perfectly circular. If you don’t have bingo dabbers (like me) then markers work just fine.

As you can see, I created 6 different moods to track but you could put down however many moods you’d like. Additionally, you don’t have to use the same moods that I did, unless you want to. I just tried to pick the moods that I felt most often.

And lastly, I added a gumball to my jar just so you guys can see how you’d use the tracker. Basically, as the month went on, you’d just stack all your gumballs on top of each other, you could even overlap them. Also, you could write the number of the day of the month in the center of each gumball if you’d like to keep track of the individual days.

And that is it! If you’re interested in the thick or thin markers that I used during this post, or the bullet journal I use, you can check them out below:

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you all on Friday!

Thanks for checking out my blog and supporting my dream!


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