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7 Ways to Create Banners

Happy Saturday everyone!

This is the second post I am creating today and if you missed the first post, you can check it out HERE.

In this post, I will be focusing on 7 ways to create banners for you bullet journal pages.

If you’ve seen the first post from today, “10 Bullet Journal Topic Ideas”, you’ll be able to combine these two posts to create adorable bullet journal pages. You can recreate any of these banners at the top of any type of bujo journal page.

Since my first post was very informative and these banners are easy to follow just by looking at them, I will try to make this post a bit shorter. So, let’s get started!


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I apologize if some of the numbers are difficult to read on the right-hand side of the photo, but I tried to use corresponding markers with the banners and their numbers.

The first banner I created was probably the easiest of them all. The first thing I did to create this banner was to write ‘Friday’ in the center of the page. I then added in the straight lines on each side of the word and highlighted those lines with a blue marker to give my banner some color.

The second banner was probably the most complicated of them all. First, I created the main rectangle that is 3 rows high and 8 columns wide. Then, moving down a row from the top of the rectangle, I created the sides of the banner by extending my lines out to the sides. From the bottom, I first created a verticle line starting slightly inside the width of the rectangle, just creating a short downward line. From the end of that line, I extended a horizontal line outward from the rectangle, making it as long as the top side-line I already created. Then I made diagonal lines, coming inward until they meet, creating that inverted triangular shape on the sides. Lastly, I added in ‘FRIDAY’ and my hint of light purple.

The third banner is the most traditional banner. I started by creating the string that the banner hangs on. This shape is just a large, wide, curved line. You can make this line as curved or as straight as you’d like. Then each flag is just an upside-down triangle; I created 6, one for each letter of ‘FRIDAY’. Then I filled in my letters and colored in my banner.

The fourth banner was inspired by my weekly spread I put out on Monday. If you’d like to learn how to create this one, check out Monday’s post HERE.

I started creating the fifth banner by making my cursive ‘friday’ in the center of the page. Then, I just created little circles on each side of the word and colored them in with a fuchsia marker.

The sixth banner was inspired by an arrow. The first thing I did was create ‘FRIDAY’ in the center of my page. Secondly, I created the straight lines on either side of the word for the base of my arrow. Then on the right-hand side, I added in lots of diagonal lines towards the end of the horizontal line to create the tail of my arrow. On the left-hand side I created a little triangle as my arrow’s tip. The last few details I added were putting in the short verticle lines along the rest of the arrow’s base and I highlighted my arrow with the blue marker.

The last banner is also very easy. I first created block letters to spell out FRIDAY (if you’d like a tutorial on how to create bubble or block letters, leave a comment below or contact me on Instagram @9to5bulletjournal). Then I added in my horizontal line, but made sure that it went behind my block letters. I then added little hearts on each end of the horizontal line and added in my red coloring.


And there you have it; 7 ways to create banners for your bujo pages!

If you’re interested in any of the markers or the bullet journal that I used to create this post (and all my posts), you can check everything out below:

I hope you enjoyed this post, I really appreciate all your patience this week. We should be back on our normal schedule next week, and I hope to see you all there.

Have a great weekend; I will see you Monday!


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