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How To: 3 Flowers In 4 Steps

It’s Friday!

Another week has passed and I’m here to bring you a quick tutorial. I apologize for this post going up a bit later in the day than usual, but I caught a cold a few days ago that is kicking my butt!

This week, as promised, I will be showing you all a few quick and easy ways to create flowers for your journal.

In the April monthly spread and in this week’s spread, I included flowers as part of my design since it’s finally spring! So, I decided to bring you this quick tutorial so you can load your bullet journal up with flowers, too.


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Flower One:

This first flower that I am going to show you how to create, is the same type of flower that I have previously created in my journal spreads. It is the most basic of the 3 types, and probably the easiest, as well. It is basically just a circle with 5 petals and a stem, but I am going to break it down (including the other two flowers) into 4 steps so you can follow along and create the same flower.

Step One:

This is a very simple step, you’re just going to create a circle. This will be the center of your flower and in comparison to the other two types of flowers, this one has the largest center circle. Obviously, you can make your circle as large or small as you want, but the size will determine how large your entire flower will be.

Step Two:

Now, you will create 5 petals around the circle. The first petal you want to create is the top petal. This petal will be centered with the circle and placed directly on top of the circle, creating an upside down ‘U’ shape. Then you will create 4 more evenly spaced petals along the remainder of the flower, always creating a ‘U’ shape.

Step Three:

Here is where you add in the details. For this flower, we’re just adding a small line on each petal to make them look pinched and more realistic. You could definitely skip this step in you don’t want this much detail in your flower. You just want to create a short line in the center of each petal coming from the base of the petal, extending half-way into your flower petal.

Step Four:

Our last step is to add the stem and leaf. Just find a little nook between two of your petals near the bottom of the flower and add in a line extending down to the ground. You can make this line straight, curved, long, or short, really any way you want. Then, I added in 1 leaf, but you could add in multiple leaves on both sides of the stem if you feel it would look good, or if you had enough room. And that’s it for this flower, just add in color!

Flower Two:

This second flower looks more like a dandelion and has longer, thinner petals than the last flower. Traditionally, I’ve seen this flower done with a yellow center, white petals, and a green stem, but feel free to explore other color options if you would like.

Step One:

Similarly to the last flower, we’re starting with a circle. This flower has the smallest center circle out of the 3 types.

Step Two:

In step two, we’re starting to add in the petals of the flower. These petals are much longer and skinnier than the last flower, so when you create them, there is going to be a lot of extra space between the tops of the petals. You want to start with the top petal again, centered with the circle. You’re still creating a ‘U’ shape, but this one is quite a bit longer. Also different than the first flower, we’re going to add in 6 petals around the circle. So, if it helps you to space it out better, start with the top petal, then create the bottom petal, and then it should be easier to space out the remaining petals.

Step Three:

Since this flower doesn’t have any line detailing on the petals, this step is to add in more petals. This second row of petals you’re going to add, go between the first row. This second row will only come out from the top of the flower in that empty space between the initial petals. When creating this second row, it won’t touch the center circle at all, and it will appear as if the first row of petals is overlapping the second row. You will just want to add in one petal between each flower.

Step Four:

Finally, we’re just adding in the stem and leaf again. Like the last flower, find a nook between two petals near the bottom of your flower, and add in a line as your stem. Then just create your leaf (or leaves), and add in color.

Flower Three:

This is the most complicated of the 3 flower designs, however, it is still incredibly easy to create. Today was actually my first time creating a flower like this, and I really love it! You guys will probably be seeing some more of these flowers in some future posts.

Step One:

As always, start off with a circle. This flower’s circle is a bit smaller than the first flowers, and a bit larger than the seconds.

Step Two:

Now you’re going to add in your petals. You will be adding in 5 petals just like the first flower, but instead of creating a ‘U’ shape, you’re going to make heart-shaped petals. It’s still going to be easiest to create the top petal first, then evenly space out the other 4 petals. Unlike a real heart shape, you are not creating a point at the bottom of your heart, instead, you will stop short when you reach the center of the flower. Basically, you’re just creating the top half of a heart as your petals.

Step Three:

Similarly to the first flower, we’re going to add in lines on our petals to make them more detailed. However, this time you’ll want to add in two lines on each petal. This effect creates depth near the center of your flower and makes the outer parts of your petals look like they’re closer than the center. Essentially, this step will make your flower look a bit more 3-D.

Step Four:

Finally, add in the stem and leaf! And with this flower, be as creative with the colors as you’d like.

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I hope you all have an amazing weekend and I will see you on Monday for a new week! (I am really going to try to start making YouTube videos next week, because of my cold, I don’t think anyone really wants to hear a stuffy voice over, so as soon as I recover, YouTube videos will be going up and you guys can be the first to know by follower my Instagram at 9to5bulletjournal.

Thanks for checking out my blog and supporting my dream!


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