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Birthday Tracker – Year-Long

Howdy Everyone!

Welcome back to another Wednesday post. Today I will be highlighting a birthday tracker that I’ve created for my journal.

This particular one I created spans over 12 months, however, you can make monthly birthday trackers, and I will definitely create one of those in a future post.

I decided to base my tracker off of color-coordinated balloons, but you could use all sorts of designs instead. For example, you could create color-coordinated cupcakes, gift boxes, or even birthday candles.

If you wanted to go a step further, too, you could add in these color-coordinated balloon symbols into your monthly or weekly spreads to give yourself a heads up on everyone’s birthday.


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So, this was a really easy page to create, so it shouldn’t take me long to explain how I made it.

I began by creating my first balloon which was the one all the way on the left. I started at the bottom point and dragged my pen up and around in an oval shape, pulling my line back down to connect where I began. Then I added in a small triangle at the bottom to create where the balloon ties off.

I continued this process 11 more times to create 12 balloons, one for each month. I made every balloon overlap the next so it looked like a bunch. I staggered them up and down to look more like a real cluster of balloons by starting one higher on the page and then one lower on the page, alternating each balloon.

Then I added in the strings, only bringing them about half-way down the page. You don’t want your strings to be too long so that you can record the birthdays in the space below.

On the right side, I added in a 1×1 square of color in the same order as the balloons and labeled each color with it’s corresponding month.

My final step was to add in the names. I wrote down who’s birthday it is, what day of the month it is, and I added the corresponding colored dot beside their name.

And that is it. I told you it was really simple! This page was a bit more self-explanatory than other ones.

If you create your own, make sure to post it on Instagram and use the hashtag #9to5bulletjournal so I can see your beautiful work!

If you are interested in what colored markers I used or what thin black marker I used for this spread (and all my spreads) you can check them out below.

Thanks for checking out my blog and supporting my dream!


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